Sabado, Hulyo 27, 2013

Unheard Cries of the Unborn Child

"I am the ignored and the rejected
I am the unexpected and the unwanted"

In my mama's womb I succumbed
protected surrounded with amniotic sac
with mucus and crimson blood I lay easily curled
Waiting for my moment to come out..

On my mama's matrix I submerged
on that vague dizzying, tragic night
witnessed by mere faint star and somber moonlight
the melancholic evening the tragedy was marked...

That night they killed me on my mama's womb
thrusted my fragile bones with myriad needles and pins...
Slashing my frail tissues and miniature veins..
A pang of pain.. Another assault and my heartbeat terminate
that moment mama your chest pounded like drums...

You watched the low flying clouds as crimson blood cascaded your thongs
isn't this what you wanted mama? To see me as a mass of lacerated flesh...
Yet mama... Still you weren't satisfied...
You later trashed me and covered my putrid cadaver with smelly earth
amidst the stray moonlight of stinking smell of garbages

no requiems nor dirges for a life so transient...
no flowers at my feet funeral marches nor scent of burning candles..
On that vague dizzying tragic night...
Witnessed by mere faint star and somber moonlight...
The melancholic evening the tragedy was marked...

Now mama are you happy for my death?

I wrote this poem during my High School days, it was published in our school paper back when I was a Feature Editor of our school. It feels nostalgic when I reminisce my days as a student writer... Somehow I hope this literary work would influence readers, and depict a clear message to be pro life as always.

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